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Wills & Estates

Helping Peace River Clients Plan Their Estates

Planning for the future is important for the protection of your family, and a detailed will and estate plan can ensure that they will continue to be provided for based on your wishes. Based in Peace River, the Harcourt Law Group will work with you to design a unique plan that fulfills the needs of your estate. We can make sure that your property, belongings and finances will all be accounted for, and help you select the proper executor.

Living Wills and Powers of Attorney

A living will is a written statement that states your wishes in the event of a catastrophic injury or medical emergency. In such a situation, you might not be able to make critical decisions for yourself, which is why it is important to clearly delegate power of attorney. We can make sure that your wishes are expressed in an authorized legal document.

Call us today to start planning your estate.

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